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TIES Institute 2017 Schedule + Sessions



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Kory Graham
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TIES Institute 2017 Descriptions

Session 1

Capturing the Intangible

Presenter: Tricia Louis

Level: Beginner

Ideas, thoughts, and concepts are intangible…how can we capture them and harness their power? In this session, we will explore GSuiteEdu tools and other web-based tools to capture ideas (brainstorming), thoughts (back-channeling), and concepts (assessing).



Intro to Google

Presenter: Cara Hagen

Level: Beginner

New to Google Apps? Need a tour of navigation and basic app use? This is the session for you! The Google Suite for Education is a great set of tools for organization and productivity, but it can be overwhelming to start from scratch. We’ll help you start on your Google journey!

#GSuite #TIESed


Getting Going with Google Classroom

Presenter: Susan Herder and Carla Staffa

Level: Beginner

Want to get a head start in Google Classroom? Don’t know where to start? This session will focus on getting you started in Google Classroom, including how to create announcements and assignments. Get student feedback with the question feature. Save time and avoid headaches in distributing Google docs.


Session 2

Innovative Ways To Use Technology With Our Youngest Learners: #KoryTellers

Presenter: Kory Graham

Level: Beginner

Learn how to incorporate technology-enhanced learning that is appropriate for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade classrooms. You will explore many tools and methods, including interactive media to support learning and development, integrating technology directly and intentionally into curriculum and student outcomes, and using technology effectively to individualize and differentiate instruction for each student. You will also discover ways to implement data collection and portfolios created by students.



Google Tools: Best First Day of School Yet

Presenter: Andrea Thurmes

Level: Intermediate

In this session, learn a few innovative ways to utilize Google Tools on the First day of school. Activities include: Create-your-own Adventure forms, Getting students into Google Classroom, and using Google Sites.



Google Arts and Culture

Presenter: Mary Mehsikomer

Level: Beginner

Google has digitized thousands of works of art, photographs, performances, and artifacts and these are all available to use in the classroom. For free! In this session we will explore the tools provided by Google Arts and Culture for teachers and students, learn how to build collections for learning, and be awed by the wonders of the world around us.



Breakout EDU

Presenter: Kate Indrelie

Level: All

“Breakout EDU creates ultra-engaging learning games for people of all ages. Games (Breakouts) teach teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and troubleshooting by presenting participants with challenges that ignite their natural drive to problem-solve.” -BreakoutEDU. Games are aligned to different content areas as well as games for adult professional learning. Come experience a new learning environment and see if you have what it takes to BREAKOUT!


Session 3

Win The Day By Gamifying With Google Tools

Presenter: Cory Klinge

Level: Intermediate

Looking to shake up your learning environment? Join me to build a one-stop hub for your classroom gamification. We will utilize Google Sites, Sheets, Forms, and Drawings to create an exciting, competitive classroom environment that engages students and adults.



Google Slides for Interactive Learning

Presenter: Karen Qualey

Level: Intermediate

With increased access to student devices, how will classrooms look different in the future? In a move away from interactive whiteboards, learn how a combination of existing and new tools can increase student engagement, accessibility, and collaboration. This session will feature creative ways to use Google Slides to enhance instruction from beyond the front of the classroom.



Getting Hyped with Hyperdocs!

Presenter: Susan Herder and Carla Staffa

Level: Intermediate

Engage your students by learning the basics of Multimedia Text Sets and HyperDocs! Transform your classroom from teacher-centered to student-centered by engaging students with a collaborative, inquiry based, interactive Google Doc. BYOD so you can create one to use in your classroom.

#hyperdocs #TsShare


Chromebook Quest

Presenter: Ashley Protivinsky

Level: All

They’re everywhere. Now what do you do? In this session, we will explore the functionality of Chromebooks in K-12 classroom. From content creation to creativity expression, the Chromebook offers many levels of integration into everyday classroom activities.


Session 4

Google Portfolios using Google Slides

Presenter: Beth Erlenborn

Level: Beginner

See how an library media specialist uses Google Sites to manage 700 student portfolios. Learn how to use Google Slides as the foundation for the student portfolios. The end result is a great tool to use during parent teacher conferences. Students upload photos of personal art work, photos demonstrating quality compositions, screenshots demonstrating evidence of learning, links to scratch coding and any other items students wish to curate.



Do MORE with Google Drawing

Presenter: Jocelynn Buckentin

Level: Intermediate

Are you ready to go deeper with Google Drawings? This session will help you create interactive PDF’s and images that can be emailed or embedded on websites. We will also go over several tools that can be used to take your drawings to the next level, including embedded audio and video. We will also look at templates for every subject area that are classroom ready!



YouTube – Curate & Create

Presenter: Andi Bodeau

Level: Intermediate

Come see how you can use video to support curriculum, spark discussion and engage students. Participants will learn how to find the best content on YouTube and create playlists to support teaching and how to customize videos and embed questions with 3rd party tools to assess student learning.



Flip, Differentiate, and Personalize with Google Classroom

Presenter: Kathy Stalnaker

Level: Intermediate

Flipped, personalized and differentiated are the talk of the classroom lately. So just what do these three celebs have in common? How can you incorporate them into your lesson planning and where can you manage it all? In this session participants will look at how to design a course in Google Classroom that offers students a personalized, differentiated learning experience that includes elements of a flipped classroom.